Jeep Xj Caster Angle 2020 -

Whenever you install a [node nid="36244"][link]lift kit[/link][/node] or change any suspension geometry its important to make sure your caster, camber and toe are in line with factory specs. 16/10/2010 · Looking for information on setting the caster angle. I have 2 1/2" of lift and was woundering how to check the caster angle and how muchor - caster I should have? Also what is the torque setting for the sway bar bolt at the axle end? 07/06/2013 · Keep in mind that pinion angle takes precedence over caster angle. You can only run so much caster angle before the excessive pinion angle will start causing front driveshaft u-joint vibrations. 1/4" toe-in is exessive, it should be between 1/16" and no more than 1/8". 29/01/2011 · If you go to home depot, lowes, or ace hardware you can buy a magnetic angle finder for about ten dollars to check the angles. Once you know where they are now you can figure out what you need to do to correct them. The new u-joints should help some, but the angles will have to be close to get rid of the vibes completely.

Due to toe-in being totally beyond specs, my XJ actually swept across the road like a drunken piglet Since the XJ uses a rear leaf-spring setup, alignment will be limited to the front axle. Make sure that you also have the caster angle checked, as some alignment shops skip this one unless you explicitly ask for it. 05/03/2006 · I think you mean caster. That should reduce some and 7 is too high when running 3" and higher. You shoot for around 6 degrees at your hight but try less shim thickness for better pinion angle alignment if the vibes are still there.

How to Adjust the Pinion Angle on the Rear Axle It is important to make the pinion angle correct so you reduce vibrations in your driveshaft. If you have added a SYE on your Cherokee and have vibrations there is a good chance that you have to adjust the pinion angle. Online Manual Jeep > Jeep Cherokee > Jeep Cherokee XJ > 1993 > WHEEL ALIGNMENT SPECIFICATIONS & PROCEDURES. 1993 Jeep Cherokee. 1993 WHEEL ALIGNMENT. NOTE: On 4WD vehicles, shim adjustment will change caster angle and front drive shaft angle. If both angles cannot be adjusted to specifications. Online Manual Jeep > Jeep Cherokee > Jeep Cherokee XJ > 1984 - 1991 > WHEEL ALIGNMENT SPECIFICATIONS & PROCEDURES. WHEEL ALIGNMENT SPECIFICATIONS & PROCEDURES. 1988 Jeep Cherokee. Fig. 1: Camber Angle. CASTER. Caster. Also, you need to know your "U" joint life expectancy. Basically a "U" joint is rated for specific, continuous operating load @ 3000 R.P.M. for 5000 hours with a 3 degree joint angle, and assuming proper periodic maintenance. If you double the angle you halve the life, halve the load & double the life and vice/versa. 26/06/2014 · Jeep XJ Cherokee '00 Front Driveshaft Pinion Adjust. Topic: Jeep XJ Cherokee '00 Front Driveshaft Pinion Adjust Read 17968 times. I always found on a XJ the caster angle is more important than the pinion angle since the CV will tolerate quite a bit of misalignment.

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